FREE live Language Workshops

Do you need to brush-up your foreign language skills?

These FREE live online language workshops are for those who have forgotten, want to improve, or are hazy about the rules of a second language grammar and pronunciation.

Usually, each workshop has ONLY 10 places. If you want to participate and interact with your professor and your classmates and have access to a plethora of multimedia resources, register yourself and book your place ASAP!

Features of our language workshops

Exclusively native Ph.D. university Professors

We are Ph.D. professors with years of experience teaching foreign languages at college level. No other center or academy can offer you this level of professionalism, commitment, and experience... and, in the case of our workshops, for free.

Meet our team

A CCI Methodology

As well as in our classes, these free workshops follow a sequenced COLLABORATIVECOMMUNICATIVE and IMMERSIVE approximation. You will use the target language from the very beginning, building and regaining your confidence, as well as stimulating you to learn and speak more.

Live online Workshops

Learn and participate in the lecture in real time with your professor and classmates. 

Speak, ask questions, and practice with them. They will help you to learn, review, or brush up your target language skills.

MLA HUB: A Learning Management System (LMS)

Those students that booked and registered themselves for a workshop, will have access to MLA HUB: our learning online platform that will give them access to a plethora of multimedia materials and other resources for practicing the topics of the workshop. 

They will be able to re-read the notes, do exercises and practice on their smartphones, tablets, or computers anywhere, at any moment, for a year.

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FREE live Workshops